PATAC Services

Company Secretarial

Our team of experienced Company Secretaries provides support to the Board of Directors of investment trust companies to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation and regulation. Our Company Secretaries are also responsible for the preparation inter alia of interim and annual accounts, comprehensive board papers and minutes.  


Our dedicated administration team provides a full back office service for investment trust companies including settlement of trades, payment of expenses, income processing, preparation of daily net asset values and various reconciliations.

Discount and Premium Control Management

We provide a Discount and Premium Control Management service to a number of investment trust companies to ensure that the shares of these companies always trade at close to net asset value through a combination of share buy-backs and the issue or reissue of new or treasury shares.

Alternative Investment Fund Management

PATAC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of services as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager. It currently provides this service to three investment trusts. In this role we assume responsibility for ongoing risk management of the investment trust (in accordance with its investment policy and Board guidelines) with oversight of delegated portfolio management.